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LNC Activities and Training CIC, is a not for profit, community Interest Social Enterprise, we run a number of activities and training courses for the benefit of the community, the business also has a designated Water Search and Rescue team, that is operational 24/7 365 days a year and run entirely by volunteers.


For us to fully undertake our activities and duties we rely on ensuring all our areas of operation are cost effective, this mitigates the need to pass on operational costs to the users of our service.


We are always grateful for the generosity of the public and business(s) to date and this is where we would like to offer an opportunity for you to promote your business, via a number of options we can offer.


The Hub Magazine.


This is a quarterly glossy magazine which we produce and printed every 3 months, and this is circulated to over 500 business(s), individuals and supporters of the centre. The magazine lets everyone know what is going on in the centre, it recognises the work we are doing in the community.


We finance the production of the publication of this magazine by selling advertising space, these are either full or half page adverts, which is why I am asking if you would like to advertise your company in the magazine.


We sell a full page for £100 and a half page for £50; these costs are for each magazine produced.


Our magazines are printed for the following Quarters and have the following deadlines to supply artwork by for the advert. We ask for it to be in jpeg format.




March to May

17th February

June to August

17th May

September to November

17th August

December to February

17th November


If your want to promote your business in the Hub Magazine click here

If you would like to be in our Special BBC Country File Live Edition click here

To view our past editions click here


The Website.


We also have a website, where all our services and operations are managed; this is also our face with the public.


We are looking to offer advertising space on our main front page, as well a dedicated page within the website for your business details.


The advertising space on the front page will have a hyperlink straight to your page of your chosen website. This is one of the first things our customers will see.


The cost for our website support package is £100 per month


If we can save the money it cost us to run the website each year we will be able to re assign these funds to allow for purchasing of equipment used to save people’s lives as part of our rescue team.

If your want to promote your business on the website click here

Centre Signs


We have allocated an area within the centre where we will be allowing business to display a advertising sign, this will be a opportunity to promote your business to all our centre users.


We will produce the signs for you, they will be 1200mm x 1200mm and the signs will be yours to keep after the period of advertising finishes.


We sell our advertising boards as follows:


Package 1 (for one sign)


Month one £40 thereafter £25 per month


Package 2, (for two signs)


Month one £70 thereafter £50 per month


If your want to promote your business on the walls of the centre click here